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You Don't Have to Follow the Latest Fads to Get Results As You Age

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Love Your Body

Our body changes as we age. Work with the changes, not fight them and accept your body in ways you haven't thought about.

Decide What You Want

Sometimes a change in our bodies has to start with a change of mind. We start by reminding ourselves what we really want. We let that be our guide, and then we watch our bodies shift into alignment.

Boost Your Energy

Life doesn't slow down after forty, and neither should you. Give yourself the energy you need to give the world your best.

Feel Young Again

Feeling sluggish and rundown is the fastest way to feeling older than you should. It's time to unlock those hidden energy stores and start feeling younger than you have in years.

Reach Your Goals

You are never too old to create the healthy lifestyle you have always wanted. Walk in confidence as you reach your destination.

Reimagine Your Health & Fitness

It seems like no matter what you do, you can't reach your health and fitness goals you had when you were younger. But I know you can change! And I'm here to walk that journey with you.

I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.

Three Ways to Change Your Body and Change Your Life

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5 Days to Change Your Mind & Your Life

Learn the proven method to produce life-long results, built by behavior scientist BJ Fogg. Start the FREE 5-day program today to build the life you've always wanted.

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Nutrition Simplified
in 12 Weeks

Say goodbye to counting, weighing, and calculating. Simple tactics get you the right nutrients at home, parties, and when eating out.

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One Year to
Total Body Wellness

End the diet trap? YES! Women's TBW addresses everything to transform your life. Mindset, behaviors, habits, nutrition, fitness and more!


Imagine having a plan to live your best life in just minutes. 
I offer a free coaching consult to women on a limited basis. If you feel you need this consult, go ahead and schedule your chat with me. No strings. Just my pure support.

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Women Just Like You Are Changing Their Outlook
and Reaching Their Goals


Mind/Body Eating Foundations

Christine while you are probably the loveliest coach/guide I have ever had by allowing me to follow this process but also being so on point about calling out the things I am writing and what the impact of my words are showing in growth over time.You are allowing me to process this on my own. It is the greatest gift. My thoughts now are to keep going.. at my pace. it is my journey which is so lovely and empowering to me.


Total Body Wellness

This year was unexpectedly the most difficult year of my life with the pain and responsibility after major losses to our families and significant parental health issues. The fact that my whole family is eating healthier and I am feeling healthier myself is nothing short of a miracle. Your guidance, cheering, and understanding gave me the little bit of "me time" every day that kept me moving forward. Being present (slowing down while eating and doing!) and 1% better are the goals of each day. I count my blessings for responding to your ad this time last year instead of calling NE Fat Loss! I will be forever grateful for this program and your support! 


Total Body Wellness

It has been a year since I took the leap with you, Christine, to get my life back together. I am down 30lbs and plan to stay here forever, unlike before where I was always on a diet. I have learned how to LIVE. Thank you for your support and guidance. 


Total Body Wellness

How wonderful you are in so very many ways. It's been a fantastic year of learning and growing - and quite different from anything I've done before. I am stronger, wiser and leaner than I've perhaps ever been. I have a long way yet to go on my journey... but I feel like my bags are properly packed 😉 Thank you, thank you, thank you xoxo 



Total Body Wellness

"This is different than any other program I’ve done. We focus on making common sense lifestyle changes and having Christine as a coach is key. Christine is a positive, encouraging, and supportive coach. She always finds a solution to any issues or challenges that are getting in the way of me becoming a healthier me. She focuses on me as an individual and truly cares about my successes, no matter how big, or small they might be. I have to say joining this program with Christine has been the best decision I’ve ever made."


Nutrition Simplified Client

"I am halfway through the program and I have lost 7 pounds! I feel so much better. The weekly recipes are delicious and I love the daily lessons. They remind me that with a little effort I can pull myself together to feel better about myself."


Total Body Wellness

"I have been doing the program for nearly 1/2 a year... and it's just fantastic. Tiny little changes over time causing crazy giant unimaginable shifts. LITTLE changes are easy to make and easy to keep up with. The HUGE changes are then easy to sustain because they are based on habit and routine and it is actually MORE PLEASANT to keep up a habit than to not. Awesome. Just awesome."


Nutrition Simplified Client

"I loved this program! It was so positive and I love that I could choose my own foods. The emails were fun too. Thank you!"

Join the hundreds of women who are reclaiming their self confidence.

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Meet Coach Christine

After struggling with my weight my whole life, and trying every diet ever made, I decided I needed a change. I redefined my ideas around nutrition and fitness. I found a way to get consistent with my goals. For years, I let a diet or work-out plan dictate what my life should look like. For the most part, that left me feeling unfulfilled and even defeated when I got off track. 

When I found myself in my 40’s and still struggling, I knew I had to change the way I approached nutrition and fitness so I could be a role model to my girls. I decided what I wanted my life to look like, and then designed my nutrition and fitness around my values, focusing on health, not appearance, and the results just came.

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Kick your cravings in just 5 days. Download your FREE GUIDE where you'll learn the possible root cause and 5 key strategies to kick the most common cravings to the curb. Every woman needs this guide. Grab your copy today.

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