Women's Total Body Wellness
Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

You're Just 12 Months Away from Your Best YOU

Sleep better, feel better, live better.

A Clear and Sustainable Path That Empowers You to Make the Right Decisions Regardless of What Life Throws You.

Daily Resources

This is a structured, year-long, online nutrition program that gives you daily skills so you can reach your goals.

Decide What You Want

This program is backed by science. It's powered by ProCoach, Precision Nutrition’s world-class coaching platform, so it can be done anywhere. Because it's online, you can take lessons and workouts with you no matter where you go.

Behavior Change

Works with your nutrition level, preferences, lifestyle, and goals. Everyone is unique, and there is no "one" right way.

Simple. Smart. Sustainable.

You decide what's right for you. You will learn how to become aware of what truly works for your body. You are in control of your own program; I will meet you where you are.


You are not alone. I will walk this journey with you. We are a team. Gym or no gym, beginner or advanced.

You Are Not Alone

As your coach, I guide, direct, and answer questions when you feel stuck. Your private coaching dashboard keeps you accountable. Emails remind you of your daily focus, and you can check off your progress as you go.

What's Included in Your 12-month Package with Coach Christine

Daily Resources

Daily lesson and accountability powered by ProCoach & optional daily workout


Feedback on lessons


Habits & check-ins


Online Workshops


One-on-One Coaching Calls

All the Extras

  • Monitored progress tracking
  • Monthly self-assessments
  • Unlimited messaging support
  • Dedicated and caring coach
  • Scrumptious recipes

And so much more!

It's Never Been More Simple to Start Building a Better You

Follow me! You've got great things ahead, and it's as easy as 1. 2. 3.

  • Check in Daily

  • Practice Your Habit

  • Get Results

Coaching Plan Payment Options

Pay in Full

$1,249 per year

3 Payment Plan

$449 every 4 months

Monthly Plan

$119 per month

Rather Do It on Your Own for Only $49/Month?

Where Do You Want to Be One Year from Now?

In a year, things are going to look different. You get to choose if they'll be better. See what a difference a year has made in the lives of ladies I've coached.


"I have been doing the program for nearly 1/2 a year... and it's just fantastic. Tiny little changes over time causing crazy giant unimaginable shifts. LITTLE changes are easy to make and easy to keep up with. The HUGE changes are then easy to sustain because they are based on habit and routine, and it is actually MORE PLEASANT to keep up a habit than to not. Awesome. Just awesome."


"I really like the individual attention you give to each of us as we work through the new habits. I can't believe how fast these months have gone by!"


"The Total Body Wellness program is different than any other program I’ve done. We focus on making common sense lifestyle changes and having Christine as a coach is key. Christine is a positive, encouraging, and supportive coach. She always finds a solution to any issues or challenges that are getting in the way of me becoming a healthier me. She focuses on me as an individual and truly cares about my successes, no matter how big, or small they might be. I have to say joining this program with Christine has been the best decision I’ve ever made."


"The Women’s TBW coaching program is pretty unique in its simplicity. There have been no meal plans or lengthy lists of what to eat and what not to eat. It’s focused on the tiny things – the little details that were pretty far off my radar. Best of all is Christine’s coaching alongside the platform. She’s got loads of information and always offers a bright and optimistic spin to the conversation. She’s there to answer questions – but asks them, too…which is the kind of exchange that causes change!"


"I've always, and sometimes still do, correlated my success with the number on the scale. Going through TBW Coaching, I've realized that there are so many other successes in my life -completing a year of TBW, using a smaller plate to eat off of, only having one cookie at a party, being mindful of my 80% full, trying a new activity or just getting outside and moving are huge accomplishments. Christine, you have helped me get out of my head and realize that the scale doesn't determine my happiness or who I am - I do."

Life is busy, but you can still be your healthiest best.

Why My Clients Love Nutrition and Mindset Coaching

A healthy lifestyle is not just about what you eat; it’s also how you eat and what you think.

No more obsessing...good vs bad foods, macro ratios, logging, counting points

Find your natural weight by learning what foods serve and sustain YOU

Build positive, sustainable, and consistent eating habits

Eliminate dieting, emotional eating, using food to solve deeper problems

Learn how to make eating healthy come second nature

Discover how to eat mindfully, with foods you truly enjoy

Learn how to build a healthy home environment so everyone can eat better

Build confidence in all areas of your life

You Can Do It Yourself - On Your Own

Get the Women’s TBW Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching program in an “on your own” format. This is a self-guided option.
This is best for those who are

There is NO coaching or feedback with this program.

Daily lesson powered by Precision Nutrition ProCoach | Bi-weekly habits | Monthly workshop | Progress tracking